Jobless 20-Something? Here’s What You Need To Do

Published September 23, 2013 by seemakapoor

Listen you..!

Thought Catalog

I know a lot of young people who are unemployed. The advice I want to give them is this. You are unemployed because you’re an entitled little prick with no practical skills or experience. You don’t have any skills because you wasted four years in college listening to some quack drone on and on about psychology or post-modernism or a way too theoretical economic model. (And before that you were memorizing useless facts and studying for arbitrary tests like the SAT because you lacked any intellectual curiosity or sense of adventure.) So just shut up you loser and either get fit or jump off a bridge. Instead, I just say: Keep trying, friend. It’s hard out there. You’re doing the best you can. You’re smart, it will work out!

I have a job. A pretty good job at a respectable global corporation. And where I work, we’re always hiring people…

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