Welcome to my strange little world.  I, Seema Kapoor, am the master of this weird little widget filled universe and if you feel so inclined, treat me like your fave novel (although shorter), curl up in something soft and read on as I condense my life into a few paragraphs.

Born and raised in Canada in an East Indian family, I grew up with a few fixed values.  Actually our culture is full of do’s and don’ts.  While I thank my family for instilling in me the core values that make me myself, I wanted more.  I always felt like my purpose was something beyond the social stereotypes that were prevelant.  I got into Marketing by process of elimination (didn’t like the numbers side of things and filing or being someone’s admin assistant didn’t seem really appealing to me).  Went to school, and discovered I got lucky.  Loving something I wasn’t really passionate about from the beginning invigorated the hell out of my young and inexperienced self.

I also loved to write.  Diaries were a norm for me and documenting things before, during and after situations seemed like a natural outlet.  After many retail jobs, corporate stints and everything in between,  Social Media seemed consistent.  A perfect marriage between my love of writing and the techie in me.  The days of Hi5 laced my life with wonder and the thrill of connecting with people (fimiliar and not so fimiliar) over this virtual highway was magnificent.  Facebook came and, like the rest of the world, I was hooked.  I was never socially awkward but connecting with the “cool kids” that I never could fit in with in real life and suddenly having them “add” me as a friend was MIND BLOWING.  Blogging became a natural gravitation for me as I looked and craved for ways to get my writing out into the universe.  My teachers always said I had way too many thoughts in my head anyway so getting them out was not only a release it was a relief.

Now in my late 20’s, I’m still stumbling around trying to find my career soulmate.  A position that excites me but somewhere that gives me the freedom to be myself and better myself at the same time.  I write for an online career magazine and it allows me to document my life through “The Hunt” of finding just that, my soulmate.  Just like every good thing in life, it’s worth waiting for.  I am a hopeless and geeky romantic looking for love in the workplace and refuse to settle.


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